‘I Don’t Matter as Long as Everyone Else is Ok!’

Sound familiar?

If you believe this is true, the following workshops are designed just for you……even moreso, if you feel people take advantage of you!

New for 2019

You Matter is a series of 5 FREE 2hr workshops that aims to help you to recognise the importance of ‘You’.

You are unable to be your best You, do for yourself and support others if you are
– too tired
– always pushed for time
– constantly frustrated
– unable to look after yourself and your needs

You may know you need to take a step back but can’t see how!!?

By attending the 5 free workshops, you will begin to
– Develop a greater understanding of your needs
– Gain the confidence to say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’, when needed
– Reduce your frustrations, stresses and anxieties
– Find and put in place strategies to look after yourself.

Interested? Write the following dates in your diary and PM, call Maxine on 07572 363041 or email me on, to make enquiries and to book your place. Visit for more info

Free 2hr Workshop runs from 12-2pm on the following 5 dates:
Wednesday 16th January
Wednesday 13th February
Wednesday 13th March
Wednesday 10th April
Wednesday 8th May

Venue: Littledean Hill Road, Cinderford, Gloucester, GL14 2BB.
Places are limited, so booking is essential.