Why trusting our feelings are a good thing?

How often do you trust that feeling in your gut?

Our feelings and emotions are often disregarded.  We do not trust them, act on them or take them seriously.  Many of us openly admit ‘I don’t do feelings’.

There tends to be no place made for them, in our industries, offices or classrooms.  We are afraid of how emotions and feelings disrupts the smooth running of our operations.

However, our feelings and emotions are more than mere minor irritations  or painful inconveniences, to ignore.

They actually have a purpose.

Our emotions, act as our very own internal beacon, or warning system, telling us, not only when something doesn’t feel right, but is not right.  They are that ‘gut’ feeling or instinct.

We have a choice in how we want to respond to those very important survival instincts.  But, and this is a very big BUT…only if we allow ourselves to feel and recognise them in the first place!!

If we take the time to feel our emotions, they will give us the information we need to guide our next move.

However, the truth is, we tend not listen.  We can often ignore anything that feels painful, uncomfortable or that seems unlikely based on our limited knowledge and understanding.

We have a run away, fighting with ourselves, pretending, hoping that we know better and have all the answers.  As a result, we continue to walk blindly into situations and circumstances that could have very different outcomes, if we would only just stop, shut the ‘dickens’ up and listen to the information our feelings are telling us.

The longer we ignore our feelings, or pretend they do not exist, the more chance we have of experiencing a whole set of circumstances that we may well have avoided.

Therefore, the sooner we slow down and get into the habit of trusting our gut instincts, the more time and opportunity we give to ourselves to be present to what we feel and respond in a way that strengthens and empowers us. We are our greatest resource.


So the next time, you get that gut feeling or instinct, in the pit of your stomach, either to do, or not to do something. 


It might be the best decision you make.