Boundaries Training and Coaching

“Boundaries coaching has been so helpful to me. It has helped me to have more emotionally healthy relationships with other people. I am able to clearly identify what my boundaries are.   Whereas before, they were blurred in some areas, and non existent in some of my relationships with family members. I feel confident to say no to situations that I feel are not right for me, and I am able to re-negotiate other situations so that I feel safe and treated with respect. I have been able look at all of my relationships and establish boundaries for how I treat others and how I expect to be treated. I feel that the coaching has enabled me to identify when people are pushing against my boundaries and instead of reacting and having regrets later. I am able to step back and choose my response.

I highly recommend boundaries coaching for personal, as well as, professional development.” GB, Social Care Professional



Reducing Vulnerability to Empower Young People Client (with horses)

“The equine therapy experience has been very successful AA.  It was a pleasure to see the changes in AA over two days.  Both Maxine and the horses were great in meeting the needs of the client, being sensitive, empathetic, understanding and non-judgemental and supportive of her needs.  Maxine and her horses were sensitive, understanding, non-judgemental of the client.  Maxine also provided a high standard of care and support in tailoring a programme to support the needs of AA.”  MJJ, WCC

AA has spoken very positively about the Equine Therapy weekend. She said that she felt very supported and cared for and has said it was “the best thing I have ever done.”  Due to the longstanding and complex nature of her difficulties, it would, of course, be difficult to manifest significant changes after one weekend of therapy. However, the positive experience of the weekend has hopefully given AA a sense of hope and possibility and willingness to engage in therapeutic work. SN, AA Counselor, WCC

“I would say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I found out a lot about myself.” AA, 17

“Maxine has a really calming effect on everyone around her. She has a very effective way of finding and delivering the right words to initiate the right thought processes needed to identify that change is necessary to move forward. She gives really practical and tangible tools for use throughout the programme and beyond to effect real transformation in outlook and reactions.” WS (parent).

“The experience has been amazing and has helped me to recognise my own feelings before they become overwhelming.” ES, 16


This was a different approach than traditional talk therapy and it benefitted my daughter as she was able to be quiet and listen to instructions without being pressured to talk or answer questions. Therapy took place at a good pace with reminders of how certain tasks were relatable to difficulties with peers/ teachers/ school in general. It was worthwhile for her to see in a concrete manner that things don’t always go to plan and that is ok, it’s how to deal with it that is important. She is willing to trust a teacher and I haven’t been able to say that for a long time. Your recommendations for different departments to give praise when it was warranted and give more challenging work has been excellent and is paying dividends.  MB(Parent)


 Reducing Vulnerability to Empower Young People Client (without horses)

I recognise when I push someone’s boundaries.  I now know how I feel when I get annoyed and they have pushed mine.  Working on boundaries has helped because I don’t get into trouble so much.  CL, 16

It has helped me to understand that it is alright to be upset and to accept things I cannot do anything to change.  I now think more about my actions.  It is also good to know what my non-negotiables are and have them written down refer back when I am angry.   JM, 12