We, my team of horses and I, work in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

We offer transformative Boundaries coaching, Mindfulness and short and longer term programmes of Equine Facilitation to individuals, small groups and organisational and sports teams.

We aim to

  • Provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment for you/ your team to explore the values, beliefs and attitudes you hold that have determined how and where you set Boundaries in your relationships.
  • Facilitate you in taking your own journey as you assess how your boundaries have impacted your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Support you as you create, establish and strengthen your boundaries relevant to you and your own personal situations and circumstances; at home, at work or in business.

Empowering you to

  • Fully establish yourself as the leader in your business
  • Effectively manage your team
  • Parent, support and care for your family
  • Gain clarity and decide what is next in your world

As a result, your relationships with clients, colleagues, partners (of all descriptions), children, etc  will begin a process of transformation as you begin to take greater control of yourself.


Mindfulness with Horses

‘I’ Matter’

2-Day Intensives


Reducing Vulnerability to Empower Young People

How we work

When required, I work independent of my team.  However, my approach is very much guided and inspired by our work together.

In such instances, I am a guest speaker, work with in-house departmental teams and 1:1 coaching;  nationally and internationally, or via online platforms; like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.


When working with / without the horses, the work is practical and experiential, in nature.

It is through directly feeling your experience that you will begin to recognise the impact your boundaries have had on your life.

Through our work together, you will be empowered to create valued, supportive and healthy unions that make a significant difference in how you teach others to treat you, and in how, you, in turn treat others.

It has taken you years to get to where you are now.  Therefore this work is the beginning of an exploration of you, as an individual. and you in relationship to those significant people in your life.

Similarly, when working with teams, Boundaries can be described as a dance.

When the team is working well, there is a flow, a synergy, with the music.  Every member knows their role and everyone pulls together to a form a highly functioning, effective and successful team to achieve a mutually agreed outcome.

However, when members of the team begin to pull and push in different directions, they know longer hear to the music, their movements become staccato and rigid, as the flow is replaced with stiff, straight edges that know longer come together.  The outcome may still be reached; however, the process impacts heavily on staff morale.

Do you want to know more?

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