Reducing Vulnerability to Empower Young People

The Reducing Vulnerabilities and Empower Young People (RVEYP) programme sets out to help young people to be safe and stay safe.

To heighten their awareness and response to those ‘gut feelings, thoughts and emotions’ that makes them think twice about their choices and actions. Gut feelings, choices and actions, they would, otherwise ignore.

The aim is to switch them ‘on’ to the potential risks of their environment, intentions of others, and how they can set and negotiate appropriate boundaries where they feel empowered and in control.

Boundaries are crucial to healthy relationships.

We are able to establish honest and healthy relationships when we are able set clear boundaries that demonstrate the value we place on ourselves.

Boundaries are changeable and transient from one moment to the next. A comfortable situation can change at the drop of a hat and a young person can find themselves out of their depth, and in a dangerous or volatile situation without realizing it.

They are unable to recognise and process information from themselves, their environment and those around them. As a result, may make decisions and choices that increase, rather that decrease, their risk of harm.

This will be because they discount what they feel, continue with an ‘it will be alright’ attitude, and also because they lack the ability to set healthy boundaries.

Many ‘at risk or vulnerable’ young people, will have damaged, loose or non-existent boundaries.

Their parents may well have struggled to model and set appropriate boundaries due to some level of family dysfunction, where they either witnessed, &/or have been subjected to abuse, addiction, domestic violence, etc.

However, healthy boundaries can still be taught.

By adapting a series of exercises designed to work therapeutically with horses, young people will learn to explore and recognise their own boundaries.

They will learn about their own personal space, how to set and negotiate boundaries, and understand how it feels when their boundaries are being tested, pushed, and even violated.

As a result, they will learn to weigh up their options and make safer choices that are more likely to protect and keep them safe.


The RVEYP programme aims to

  • Help young people to understand why they make choices they do.
  • To empower young people to consider all of their options, the potential consequences and practice making safer choices.
  • To put young people in the position of allowing them to respond and adapt to situations, rather than reacting out of anger, fear or frustration.
  • To assist them in their ability to recognize their internal messages and the external signs of others that alerts them to potentially dangerous and volatile situations.
  • To up skill girls and young people to set and negotiate appropriate boundaries, reducing their levels of vulnerability, and creating healthy boundaries that support them through adolescence and into adulthood.


The RVEYP programme can be delivered with and without, horses.

When working without horses, your programme will be delivered to small groups (max 10) young people at your organisation. You will have the choice of the young people who are more likely to benefit.

When working with the horses, your programme will be delivered in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, as a residential programme, to individuals or as part of a small group workshop. This would be an ongoing support for those young people who need further work on boundaries, or as a standalone programme.

We will work together to discuss the outcomes you desire, and tailor the programme so that it is relevant to your young people.

A separate programme will be run for girls and boys.



To find out how we can work work together, call me on 07572 363041

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What clients have said about the programme

“The equine therapy experience has been very successful AA.  It was a pleasure to see the changes in AA over two days.  Both Maxine and the horses were great in meeting the needs of the client, being sensitive, empathetic, understanding and non-judgemental and supportive of her needs.  Maxine and her horses were sensitive, understanding, non-judgemental of the client.  Maxine also provided a high standard of care and support in tailoring a programme to support the needs of AA.”  Martina JJ, WCC

AA has spoken very positively about the Equine Therapy weekend. She said that she felt very supported and cared for and has said it was “the best thing I have ever done.”  Due to the longstanding and complex nature of her difficulties, it would, of course, be difficult to manifest significant changes after one weekend of therapy. However, the positive experience of the weekend has hopefully given AA a sense of hope and possibility and willingness to engage in therapeutic work. SN, AA Counselor, WCC

“I would say it was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I found out a lot about myself.” AA, 17


Please contact us to discuss your needs and the needs of your young people and we can work towards setting an agreed date.