Mindfulness with Horses

8 sessions of Mindfulness with Horses begins on

Sunday 28th April 2019

Session dates:  April 28th;  May  12th and 26th;  June:  9th and 23rd;    July:  7th and 21st;    August:  4th

 2.45 – 4.45pm (2hours)

at Reddings Lane, GL14 3LD

£185 for 8 fortnightly sessions 

£25 per session

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‘Mind You’ is a Mindfulness with Horses programme where you will get the opportunity to put the brakes on your busy lives to catch up and find yourself.  Watch the video to find out more.

Mindfulness with horses

How horses could help you deal with stress and anxiety 🐴

Posted by BBC Gloucestershire on Tuesday, 19 June 2018

By practicing Mindfulness with Horses, you will have the opportunity to spend two hours every fortnight, being present to you and your experience, under the expertise and guidance of my team of horses.

During the course of the session, the level of contact you have with the horse and vice versa, is mutually consensual.  You will both get to choose how close, and how much contact you have with each other.

You will learn to feel secure in the stillness of the moment.

Through this simple act, you will benefit by

  •  releasing the stresses, worries and anxieties you experience in your daily life.
  •  reducing feelings of frustration and irritation
  •  improving the quality of your sleep and sleep patterns
  • gaining clarity in situations where you feel confused, unsure or conflicted.
  • improving your ability to concentrate and focus

Beginning on the 28th April 2019, ‘Mind You’ will take place every two weeks for two hours each.


Physically, you may experience

  • some regulation of your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, as well as an improvement in the function of your immune system.


Session dates

April 28th;  May  12th and 26th;  June:  9th and 23rd;    July:  7th and 21st;    August:  4th



  Look forward to seeing you then

If you would like more information, call me on 07572 363041

or email me  hello@bodyawarenesstherapies.co.uk


Partial quote:  Louise Hay; The Power Within.

‘This one hour was exactly what I needed.  Time for myself in a beautiful location with horses? …… Priceless’


Do I need to attend every session?

No.  You can attend as many sessions as you like; however, you will get the best results from attending on a regular basis.


Do I need to book?

Booking is essential.  We need to be clear on the numbers attending to ensure that it is not an overwhelming experience for the horses.  Also, if I know you are coming, I can look out for you.


What do I need?

A bottle of water

Appropriate clothing for the weather

A mat or picnic blanket in case you decide you would like to take a seat.


I am afraid of horses, do I need to be in contact with them?

No you do not need to touch, or be touched by the horses.  You can have as much or little contact with them, as they or you choose.  There are areas where horses and humans can be completely separate.


How to get to the venue?  NB Booking is required beforehand

The venue is located at the bottom of Reddings Lane, Littledean, Cinderford

Directions from Littledean Hill Road, GL14

Drive to Reddings Lane (leading to the Ruffit) and drive down to the first driveway on the right hand side.  The gate will be open.

Directions from the Littledean House Hotel, Littledean. GL14

From the Littledean House Hotel.  Drive past the hotel, turn right onto High St.  Keep left as you drive up the High St.  Take the left fork to the second driveway on the left hand side.

What people are saying about Mindfulness with Horses

CA, from St. Briavels, said ‘

Thank you Maxine for such a rewarding experience. I arrived horse-phobic but a fan of mindfulness practices. I was looking to challenge myself and explore what mindfulness with horses might offer.

I felt safe, cared for and respected. I was given time and distance during which I could build courage watching the gentle interaction between others and the horses. I was fascinated at the energy exchanges, the awareness, perception and sheer presence the horses have.

With Maxine’s guidance, my anxiety levels dropped. I built trust and got as far as stroking Duke, the largest horse (albeit there was a gate between us). I know others achieved much more in terms of contact with horses but i learned lots about the horses, myself and also how my relationship with horses might mirror other aspects of my life.
Todays experience has given me the confidence to book a one to one session and perhaps get to the other side of the gate?!’


KA, Ross-on-Wye said I have more attention, I am heightened and emotionally spirited.  I forgot myself and at the same time, I was with myself.  It feels like a wrench to leave the horses. I felt their gentle grace and strength at the same time.  I didn’t want to interfere with them by stroking them.  Their silence and stillness was unbelievable.  The intensity.  They showed me how to be still.  I felt safe with them.  I was able to be my sensitive self with them, something that can be quite dangerous in my normal life.  I felt a bond of trust.

It has been a deep experience.  I felt a sense of belonging to the landscape.  They brought out a deep loving part of me, the best of me.  I felt a love that breaks all boundaries.  I understood that sense of freedom and the more I understood, the closer I became to them.