‘I’ Matter One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops…..      

‘I’ Matter, therefore…  is a series of 4 introductory and interactive one day workshops.  At each stage, you are asked to finish the statement

I Matter, therefore…(for example)

  • I value myself?
  • I am calm and responsive in most situations?
  • Stick up for myself?
  • Communicate my needs clearly?
  • I set healthy boundaries – at work, at home and in business?

If any, or all of these statements spend more time on your ‘wish list’ rather being than being a 100% true standard you live and abide by, the

I Matter workshop series is for you!!!

More often than not, you know what you need and what is good for you. However, a lack confidence or a fear of confrontation is just two reasons why you will let things go.   Only to find, you are constantly being placed in uncomfortable and often, confronting situations, you quickly lose control over.


In this series of interactive, one day ‘I’ Matter workshops, we will cover a different area of Boundaries. Each one will plant a seed, and have you question what ‘valuing’ or ‘sticking up for yourself’ really means.  You will begin to

  1. To increase your awareness of your values; where you are being de-valued and how you de-value yourself.
  2. To identify and act on your needs more effectively
  3. Establish where your boundaries are in what you say, think, do and what you accept from others.
  4. Gain the confidence to communicate your needs clearly and concisely.

Each ‘I’ Matter interactive workshop will involve covers a different subject area of Boundaries and consist of a section of Mindfulness with Horses (full details of each workshop to follow)

Workshop 1 – Friday 26thApril 2019:  An introduction to Boundaries in Relationships

Workshop 2 – Friday 10th May 2019: What are ‘my’ values and their impact on ‘me’ and ‘my’ relationships

Workshop 3 – Friday 21st June 2019:  Survival Mode:  What is it and how does it describe my behaviour/actions.

Workshop 4 – Friday 19thJuly 2019:  How do ‘I’ express my needs?


Time: 10.00-4.00pm           Investment: £125 each or £480 for all four.

Venue:  Glen Lyn, Littledean Hill Road, GL14 2BB

Refreshments:  Lunch and refreshments are provided.


Places are limited, so booking is essential.


Interested? For more info &/or to book call / email Maxine on 07572 363041 or fill in the contact form on https://www.bodyawarenesstherapies.co.uk/contact-us/