‘I’ Matter’

‘I’ Matter is a programme of 1:1 coaching and group workshops designed to help you to recognise the value of ‘I’ as in you.  It is called ‘I’ Matter because in recognising your value, first and foremost, you can truly feel valued and be of value to others.  

By doing so, 

you give yourself the permission to develop and establish clear boundaries with yourself; what you think and say about yourself, how you feel and the ways in which you act and behave.

You give yourself the confidence to set clear boundaries with others; no matter who they are, on what you are prepared to accept, how you are to treated and the ways in which you will deal with their actions and behaviours, if you feel they have behaved inappropriately towards you.

Similarly, your values set the standard in how you treat others, the responsibility you take in your relationships and how you communicate your needs, wants and desires.


The ‘I’ Matter programme, not only, challenges you to finish the sentence

‘I’ Matter; therefore…….

It also challenges you to believe what you say, know it is true and act on each statement, both in how you think, feel and speak of yourself, but also in how you teach others to treat you.

As a result,  

you will begin to create and establish valued and healthy relationships, first with yourself …….and then with all of the people in your world; at home, at work and in business.  

Working 1:1 with Maxine and her Horses

‘I’ Matter 1:1 is a comprehensive 10-week, 3 or 6 month programme split into three powerful sections.  

Each one designed to give you

the permission to set clear boundaries for yourself and

the confidence to set clear boundaries with others.

 Part 1:  Boundary Training

The state of your current relationship with yourself, with others and your circumstances are a reflection of your values and how you have set boundaries with yourself and others.

Therefore, Boundary Training is this first fundamental part of the programme which will highlight the key issues and be the first step in laying solid foundations in creating, establishing clear boundaries.

The training will take place either face-to-face, or via FaceTime or Skype, will all appointments scheduled in advance.


Part 2:  Working with the Horses

With building blocks laid to create and establish your foundation in boundaries, you will now embark the next powerful and, yes fundamental part of the programme…

working with the horses.

Over 1 or 2 full day intensive workshops, you will participate in a range of groundwork horse exercises, selected for you and your unique circumstances.

Through your interactions with the horses, you will begin to get to grips with your values, beliefs and attitudes that have brought you to this point.


The Forest of Dean is a beautiful and picturesque location.  We have a number of local B&B’s, a short walk from our location.  Suitable accommodation can be booked in this idyllic, rural location providing you with stunning, countryside views and walks, perfect for reflection, growth and transformation.  You are also free to make your own accommodation arrangements.  Please ask for assistance.

NB:  Horses will not be ridden at any stage of this programme.


Part Three:  Boundaries Coaching

Essentially, with the first two stages of this programme, you have upset the apple cart, so to speak., as what you felt you knew are jumbled up and jostling for position.

Therefore, this last important stage is designed to help you work through the wobbles as you begin to integrate your new values and boundary setting capabilities into your everyday life.

The coaching will take place either face-to-face, or via FaceTime or Skype, will all appointments scheduled in advance.


Do not despair, if where you live is a challenge for you to come to the horses.  We will schedule a time for you and I to work together, online via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime.   Your programme will be adjusted to suit you.





What clients have said about the ‘You Matter’ Programme (previously Boundaries Training and Coaching).

The following comments are from clients who experienced the programme with and without horses.

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“Boundaries coaching has been so helpful to me. It has helped me to have more emotionally healthy relationships with other people. I am able to clearly identify what my boundaries are.   Whereas before, they were blurred in some areas, and non existent in some of my relationships with family members. I feel confident to say no to situations that I feel are not right for me, and I am able to re-negotiate other situations so that I feel safe and treated with respect. I have been able look at all of my relationships and establish boundaries for how I treat others and how I expect to be treated. I feel that the coaching has enabled me to identify when people are pushing against my boundaries and instead of reacting and having regrets later. I am able to step back and choose my response.

I highly recommend boundaries coaching for personal, as well as, professional development.” GB, Social Care Professional

“Maxine has a really calming effect on everyone around her. She has a very effective way of finding and delivering the right words to initiate the right thought processes needed to identify that change is necessary to move forward. She gives really practical and tangible tools for use throughout the programme and beyond to effect real transformation in outlook and reactions.” WS (parent).

If you are ready to make significant changes in your relationships?

Call Maxine on 07572 363041 or email  bodyawarenesstherapies.co.uk

to book your free consultation to find out how Boundaries Training and Coaching will empower you.