Pushing The Boundaries

Our children and teens, will push, poke and challenge every boundary you put in place. They will kick, scream, justify, plead and avoid any and all potential consequences of their actions, to run away from their responsibility. And, as their parents, we have a duty to show them that the unconditional nature of your love Continue reading »

Our Children Teach Us What They Need To Learn

Parenting is one of the most challenging, intensive and rewarding roles we could ever embark upon. It is ‘on the job’ training that comes with no job description or instruction manual, but where we have a responsibility to teach and guide our little people, through their childhood, teenage years and, successfully, into adulthood.   Our little Continue reading »

Let’s get clear….What are Boundaries?

Boundaries are a subject that has resonated with me, on so many levels, since the beginning of my journey with horses, three years ago. It dawned on me that boundaries are an essential component of creating and establishing healthy relationships, and are not, in my opinion, being recognised at the level of importance they deserve. Continue reading »

Body Awareness?

 What is the point?  In the past year, I have come to believe that our body is the vehicle in and through which we express our emotions. It is the place where we express how we feel; happiness, joy, sadness, anger grief, on a whole myriad of subjects, moment by moment, every single day of Continue reading »