I know I Need To Say ‘No’ More Often….But How?

No, depending on the circumstances has been a word I struggled with since I was a child. It was so much easier to say yes and be compliant than to say no and feel guilty. I was afraid of disappointing others, getting into trouble, losing friendships, being wrong, alone, judged, being made to seem unreasonable, too Continue reading »

How to Move from Surviving to Thriving

We often think of survival mode as the flight/fight/freeze response we experience when we encounter a life threatening situation.    If we feel threatened or are actually being physically assaulted or abused, our survival instincts automatically kick in.  Survival is our top priority; we will run if we can, fight if we have to or Continue reading »

So you have Healthy Boundaries?

How do you know for sure?   Obviously, you have different boundaries with your friends, family, work colleagues?   Don’t you? One way to answer that question for sure is to look at all of your relationships in the key areas of your life; at work, home, with friends, partners, etc. Who do you allow into your innermost circle? Continue reading »

Why trusting our feelings are a good thing?

How often do you trust that feeling in your gut? Our feelings and emotions are often disregarded.  We do not trust them, act on them or take them seriously.  Many of us openly admit ‘I don’t do feelings’. There tends to be no place made for them, in our industries, offices or classrooms.  We are Continue reading »


This is a common question I am asked when I tell people that   my horses and I work with boundaries in relationships.  So, I thought, I would paint a picture of what I mean? In all of our relationships, boundaries govern our behaviour; in what we say, do, how we behave and relate to Continue reading »

Never Too Late to Tell

ITV’s Loose Women peaked my attention today when they began talking about grooming and our children being subjected to child sexual exploitation. They quoted figures of 420 men being reported DAILY for sexually abusing young people; both girls and boys. No culture, ethnicity or religion is immune. Working with young people and their parents, this Continue reading »

Responsibility vs Blame

As a parent, we blame ourselves and apologise when our children behave badly; when they get into trouble at school, are disrespectful to another adult or hurt another child.  We feel guilty, berate and blame ourselves for the hurt and distress our children cause.   Therefore, would it be safe to assume that when our children behave in Continue reading »

Set the Boundary and Maintain Your Relationship

Know what you want your child to learn and what future behaviour you would like them to adopt.   Consider   ‘What is the best way to successfully apply the boundary and teach the lesson you want your children to learn?’ How you enforce the boundaries can make or break your relationships with your children, Continue reading »