2-day Intensives

A 2-day, one-to-one intensive programme of powerful boundary work with horses.


Programmes will take place in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

By taking YOU out of’ your normal home environment,  you will have the time and space away from whatever is going on at home.  With an immediate reduction in the noise and distractions of your normal home life, you have an opportunity to focus on your experiences and learning with the horses.  In doing so, you can grow and return home with a new perspective that can be,immediately applied in your life.



Accommodation is separate to the cost of the programme and can be organised with a hotel in close proximity to the stables.  Please contact Maxine for more details.

This residential programme is designed to allow you the opportunity to remove yourself from your normal daily distractions.

With space and time to focus on Yourself, you will then return home, looking at key aspects of your life from a new perspective with greater clarity.

You want to make significant change in your relationships?

Call Maxine on 07572 363041 or email  hello@bodyawarenesstherapies.co.uk.