Boundaries Questionnaire

How strong are your boundaries?

This questionnaire is designed to give an idea of how strong your boundaries are.  It is will help you to identify areas where you might like to improve your boundaries to ensure you have the types of relationships that support and empower you.

Statement No Sometimes Yes
I have difficulty saying ‘no’ to people
I find myself getting involved with people, and in relationships, that end up hurting me
I feel as if my happiness depends on other people 
I would rather tend to others than to myself
I struggle to stand up for myself
I have difficulty asking for what I want or what I need.
People take, borrow or use my things without asking and don’t always give them back
I find it difficult to ask for help.
Its hard for me to know how I feel, what I believe or think
I feel anxious, scared and afraid
It is hard for me to make my own decisions
I tend to take my anger out on those I love and care about

Tick all of the areas of your life where these statements apply (tick as appropriate).  It may well be that whilst your boundaries are stronger in some areas of your life, they maybe weaker in others.

  1.  —  Relationship with partner
  2.  —  Work colleagues
  3.  —  Manager/Leadership
  4.  —  Children
  5.  —  Friends
  6.  —  Family member
  7.  —  Strangers


Interpreting your results are quite straightforward.


‘No’s is an indicator that you have healthy boundaries

Sometimes is likely to indicate inconsistent boundaries.

Yes is likely to indicate rigid or no boundaries.


If you feel you would like to have a chat about the results of your questionnaire, please do get in touch.