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    “Maxine has a really calming effect on everyone around her. She has a very effective way of finding and delivering the right words to initiate the right thought processes needed to identify that change is necessary to move forward. She gives really practical and tangible tools for use throughout the programme and beyond to effect real transformation in outlook and reactions.”  WS (parent).



 Do you…

struggle to stand your ground if you feel put down or disrespected by those in authority?

find it difficult to communicate your needs and wants, often putting others needs before your own?

feel exhausted trying to be who everyone wants or needs you to be?

make decisions without thinking, and often regret your actions later?


Are you struggling to find yourself and discover who you are

in the noise and busyness of your life?


At Body Awareness Therapies, we work with professionals, parents and young people focusing primarily, on their ability to set appropriate boundaries in their relationships.

We work with

  • Professionals who are experiencing issues in their relationships at home with their families, &/or in the work place.
  • Parents who are in struggling to create stable relationships with their children and teens.  They are in a constant battle to communicate with their children and understand their needs, and balance them with the needs of the whole family.
  • Young people, helping them to understand themselves, why they are struggling in their relationships with family and friends.


In all cases, programmes are adapted to meet the needs of each client and their own personal circumstances.