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    “It was a pleasure to see the changes in the client over two days.  Maxine and her horses were sensitive, understanding, non-judgemental of the client.  Maxine also provided a high standard of care and support in tailoring a programme to support the needs of the client.”  Martina JJ, WCC



Our bodies are a valuable tool.

 It is an amazing source of information and guidance as we navigate our relationships with ourselves and others.



Boundaries are the ‘silent, glue’ that underpins all of our relationships and brings us together, or potentially pulls us apart.

When our relationships work, we give them little thought.

However, our biggest challenge comes when our most important relationships with our children, parents, colleagues, employers, begin to suffer in a long term, ongoing and significant way.


  • Understanding boundaries as a whole and what they look like in our lives.
  • Taking responsibility for our contribution when our relationships are not working quite how we would like.
  • Giving ourselves the space to determine our feelings and make decisions that empower us
  • Clearly communicating our needs and what we are and are not prepared to do, or accept.

We are better placed to stand our ground,

speak from a place of strength and courage,

when we are clear and consistent about what our boundaries are and how we deal with them.

If you want to make significant changes in your relationships?

Call Maxine on 07572 363041 or email  hello@bodyawarenesstherapies.co.uk.